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Natural stone has amazing design potential, and if you can afford it the designs are limitless. From Onyx, marble or granite lined walls for your bathroom, through to granite work tops, tiles, baths, sinks and much more! If you are looking to add that unbeatable touch of class and luxury to your home, using natural stone is the answer. The colours, shades and natural grains running through these amazing stones cannot be reproduced, its a bit like a finger print nature produces a one off pattern every time.
When using naturally beautiful stones in your home they will provide you with not only the joy of being able to admire your kitchen or bathroom at every visit, but also the joy of easy maintenance. Of course when choosing to add such an expensive and bespoke item or items to your home you will also be looking for a first class designer and good craftsmen to do the installation. Well you will be happy to know we have both. So if you are interested in finding out more, then just give us a call.
A few granite facts: The only natural stones harder than granite are diamonds
Granite is highly scratch, heat and stain resistant making it the ideal product to be used not only as a touch of luxury in the home but also commercially, on the outside of buildings and monuments and other areas to provide a totally unique appearance that lasts.
Granite is quarried in places all over the world including America, China, Africa, Norway, India, Portugal and even Saudi Arabia!

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